Wednesday, 22 June 2011

initial work

my nanaji

It was fun creating the tears.

my another landscape work. old english hut in winter season

well this sketch reminds me of "jungle book" this is my very old sketch i did in 2007

my neice, i gifted this sketch to my cousin

Kamauni guy

It was new challenge for me to create every line on his face. here is the outcome.

The village

My pure imagination resulted in rustic scene. A small village on the bank of river and great banyan tree adoring the campus. A small gurudwara and some houses. The Punjab before partition.
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extinct dreams

I have tried to use colours first time and I'm happy with the outcome. I took this picture when i was in my village. Still some of them are left in the village but soon they all will be gone one day. My caption "extinct dreams" reminds me of my childhood. I wanted to caputure all the peacocks who used to come on our rooftop and wanted to keep them with me all the time.

God bless the peacocks of my village. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

laugh out loud

Recently I finsihed my sketch. Orginally this painting was done by my cousin. I have tried to put some oil colour effect by using only pencils.

Swami Gurdial Singh's Sketch
Happy Sketching