creating life out of trash

Good thing about human is his ability to create something meaningful, be it literature, science or art. I always feel delighted to see such kind of people and I have learnt one thing from them. Always lead  "down to earth" lifestyle. Golden rule "less expectation, less problems".

Visiting hidden places in Punjab has always been my passion and hobby. I always try to convince my cousin to take me to such kind of places where man has done something extraordinary.

Harminder Singh Boparai's farm house is such place where art thrives. Being an artist his lifestyle is very simple and convincing. As he says " Art is an inborn quality" it can not be learnt by force. His name is synonymous with Nek Chand who created Rock Garden in Chandigarh but his creativity is far more developed and refined than any other sculpture artist. Its hard to create an image from scrap.

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