Land of Deities - Himachal Pradesh

I was waiting for this moment for the last two years. I have been to Himachal Pradesh before but I never  try to figure out the mysteries of mountains. I was too young to understand at that time and then came a chance in-fact lifetime chance to explore the wonders of Himachal Pradesh. I got a chance to spend 7 days in deep valley of Chandertal and I witnesses the most spectacular places unlike anywhere in the world.

solang valley



The best thing about the land is its history which goes back to 1000 years. Every mountain has its own story and every mountain has been an abode of either deities or demons. "Parbati Valley" once ruled by Shiv Ji and Parbati. Manali used to be comfortable place for meditation for rishi manu and vashist's history goes back to Shri Raam's era. manikaran is known for guru nanak's visit. so overall these mountains have been made sacred by great rishies and believe it or not one can easily experience the vibes, the positive energy once you enter these valleys. This land is blessed and thats why anyone who come from far flung places can easily make oneself comfortable here. 

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