An Evening In Garden

Life is strange and yet very colourful. Some have everything in life and some don't still amount of happiness vary.

An evening in garden title inspired from such people who do their every day work  but when they meet up in the evening in garden they laugh off all theirs worries.

I was walking through the garden of Punjab Agriculture university and  I saw small makeshift in the orchid. This guy was selling delicious fruit. Intrigued by his appearance and his makeshift hut I stopped there for a time being as he got ready to wind up everything for evening dinner. Soon this guy was joined by other two members who came from work. He offered me chair and as I sunk into chair, they  started talking about their whole day stuff oblivious of my presence. They looked satisfied and content. I purchased some fruit and soon hit the road with many questions on my mind.

They don't have the luxury of everything but in the end of the day they were laughing and cracking joke, making fun of all the worries and problems. On the contrary I have everything but still I don't have the luxury of laugh.

Sun was falling from one corner of the sky into distant fields and I looked back I saw smoke from their camp and heard giggling.

I still miss an evening in garden.......


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