Wednesday, 28 September 2011

mesmerising places

Local Religious Place Village Khattra Punjab India
 Life and destiny can take you to far flung places. You wake up and things around you get changed in a blink of an eye. You become busy with your routine. You run here and there for no reason. Life becomes machine and we act like an automatic robot. We like to forget everything, old days, old places and even old personality. We leap From present to future like an enthusiastic gymnast.but in this race we always forget that there are some places that are still waiting for us to come back and they never change. Old places where we have spent our childhood. This sketch is dedicated to those places that never change.
This is the local Gurudwars of my village khattra chauharam Punjab. I have seen development at every corner but this religious place is still the same.

I have tried to capture the serenity of this place at the time of dusk. Rhythmic hymn emanating from this place can mesmerise you. Long live these places.

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